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What are Tradelines?

A Tradeline is basically any account appearing on your credit report. A Tradeline keeps a record of creditor's information to calculate their credit report. You can mutually benefit from someone with positive credit history and improve your credit score if he adds you as an authorized user (AU).


  1. Choose the Bank name or Card ID of the card you would like to purchase

  2. Credit Limit- is the credit card limit

  3. Age -How long the card been activate

  4. Purchase Deadline - Purchase 4 days  before the date 1st Reporting period- The purchase date is when the purchase will be reported on your credit report

  5. Availability - How many credit cards in stock

  1. To Buy A Tradeline 

  2. Submit a colored copy of your Drivers License or Passport

  3. Submit a colored copy of your social security card

  4. Must sign a Company User Agreement 

  5. Email to or call us (800) 654-9901

  6. Tradeline 2 monthly reporting cycle.

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